Portion Control Techniques For Weight Loss

portion-control-fish-w724In order to lose weight you must learn how to control your portion size. Portion control is the key to successful weight loss. You would be able to eat some of the healthiest foods to keep your body fit, but you should indulge large amount of calories every day, as it will prevent weight loss. Follow some easy steps to keep an eye on your portion size and to control your eating habits to ensure effective weight loss.

Technique#1: Food should be kept out of Sight

The first technique to control portion size is to change your eating style. Most families display their food visibly on the table, which makes it easier to serve. However, apart from serving, it also tickles your taste buds to ask for more. So, take the right amount of food in your plate and finish it off without looking elsewhere.

Technique#2: Meat should be your Side Dish

People often make a mistake of including meat as a part of their main course meal. Meat should be kept as a side dish, while the main meal should comprise of vegetables and whole grains. This will help in filling the stomach fast, thus preventing you from eating more.

Technique#3: Split your Servings

You must learn how to split your meals into small portions, so that you are eating something at an interval of 2 hours. It will save extra calories, prevent your hunger pangs and allow you to lose weight gradually.

Technique#4: Check Serving Sizes

You must learn how to identify the sizes of simple serving and control portions. Whenever you eat something, may be a snack, check the total calories contained. Similarly, you can check the standard serving size for raw vegetables and grains too.

Technique#5: Downsizing your Meals

You must learn how to downsize the meals as the day starts. Your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Your lunch will be smaller in portion as compared to your breakfast. In between you can have a brunch and snack in the evening. Your dinner should be the smallest meal of the day ideally. Therefore, when it is dinner time have small and feel the difference.

Technique#6: Leftovers should be broken down

Always try to breakdown your leftover foods into small portions. Ensure that these foods are stored in small servings so that you can take out one serving at a time. This will limit your intake effortlessly.

Portion control seems to be one of the most difficult goals to achieve. As it is very difficult to control the portions and maintain yourself, you can keep a journal and jot down your important points. As you note your achievements, do not forget to ink down your failures too. Prepare a comparative chart of your success and failure and try to work hard to maintain a balance. Gradually, you will see that you have been successful in achieving 100 percent success.

Achieving weight loss goals is a step-by-step process. Start gradually and follow your plan to the best of your ability. As you start working hard on your portion control endeavor, success will be yours within a few weeks.